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Queen Rania of Jordan’s touching title for Queen Elizabeth

Queen Rania of Jordan has described Queen Elizabeth with a touching title.

The Queen of Jordan spoke to ITV news while in London for the State Funeral and called Queen Elizabeth the “Queen of the world.”

Rania said she looked up to the late British monarch and praised her “warm” personality and legacy, adding that she has “warm memories” from time spent with her.

“To me, she is the Queen of the world. She may be the Queen of England, but I think symbolically, she is the Queen to all of us,” Queen Rania told ITV’s, Emma Murphy.

Jordan’s consort praised the British unity after Queen Elizabeth II’s death and how so many had put aside differences to honour a remarkable woman.

“I have never seen such a sense of community and unity in this country as I see today. They came together and remembered what is most important, which is that they are all unified in their love for their country and their monarch.”

Queen Rania also spoke of the late British monarch’s personality and how she made everyone feel at ease. She said that Elizabeth “always made you feel like you are the most important person in the room.”

Her Majesty went on to add: “Her elegance was not just in her appearance, but it really was in the way she lived her life and the way she conducted herself around other people … She always disarmed you because she knew that anybody around you is going to be feeling a sense of deep awe and maybe a bit of panic when they meet Her Majesty.”

When Queen Elizabeth’s death was announced, Queen Rania said: “With a heavy heart we bid farewell to an icon of selfless dedication and unwavering commitment, a queen who embodied the traits of a faithful and devoted sovereign. The reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will forever be remembered. May her soul rest in eternal peace.”

Queen Rania joined her husband, King Abdullah, at the State Funeral on 19 September in Westminster Abbey. She called Queen Elizabeth’s death the “end of an era” and said she wanted to be nowhere else but in London to pay tribute to the late Queen.

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