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New portrait released to mark Duke of Edinburgh’s 95th birthday

A new portrait has been released of The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh to celebrate to celebrate the Duke’s 95th birthday.

The photo is the final in the series of official photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz.

In the photo, Her Majesty is sat besides her husband in a relaxed pose.

Earlier on in the year to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday, a set of photographs were released to commemorate the occasion.

In this series were photos of the 90-year-old monarch sat with her grandchildren and great grandchildren, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

In another of the photographs, Her Majesty is sat with her daughter, Princess Anne, as they relax on a sofa.

Annie Leibovitz has also snapped a photo of Her Majesty which has appeared on the front page of Vanity Fair. In this photo, the Queen is sat with four of her beloved dogs – two corgis and two dorgis.

The latest image has been released to commemorate the Duke’s 95th birthday, which he celebrates on June 10.

Prince Philip is celebrating the day in a low key style, so not to draw the attention from is wife, who also celebrates her official 90th birthday over the weekend.