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The Queen

“It didn’t hurt at all” – The Queen takes the unusual step of speaking out on her heath, sharing her vaccination experience

Screen grab/@RoyalFamily/Twitter

The Queen has shared what it was like to get her COVID jab during a candid video conversation with health officials leading the deployment of the vaccine across the United Kingdom.

Saying it “didn’t hurt at all,” Her Majesty, who was vaccinated along with the Duke of Edinburgh in January, also said the public should “think about other people rather than themselves,” when considering whether to get the jab.

The Queen said: “Well once you’ve had the vaccine, you have a feeling of, you know, you’re protected, which is I think very important.

“As far as I can make out it was quite harmless. It was very quick. I’ve had lots of letters from people who were very surprised at how easy it was to get the vaccine. And the jab didn’t hurt at all.”

Taking part on the video call were senior officials in charge of rolling out the vaccine in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Dr Emily Lawson, who is leading England’s programme, said, “We hope everyone who is offered the vaccine will take it up because it is all of our best chances to protect both the people who take up the vaccine, their families, and their communities.”

To date, more than 18 million people in the UK have received their first COVID-19 vaccination and The Queen praised the NHS, adding how “it is remarkable how quickly the whole thing has been done and so many people have had the vaccine already.”

Other members of the Royal Family have been conducting video calls and in-person engagements this week as well to support the NHS and meet the healthcare workers and volunteers helping with rolling out the vaccine.

The Duke of Cambridge visited a vaccination centre in Norfolk on Monday, and it was announced today that the Countess of Wessex will be regularly volunteering at an NHS vaccination centre as a St John Ambulance Care volunteer.

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