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Princess Eugenie’s baby: our guesses for names for 2021’s first big royal arrival

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank
Princess Eugenie Instagram

Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, are just weeks away from welcoming their first child. The couple, who wed in 2018, will become parents as 2021 gets underway. Their baby, thought to be due in February, will be eleventh in line to the throne and although they won’t have a royal title, they’ve got an impressive royal ancestry which might just end up influencing the names their proud parents choose for them. Here, the Royal Central team offer their best guesses about what the ninth great-grandchild for The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh might be called, but will we guess correctly for Eugenie and Jack’s little bundle of joy?

Kristin Contino, Chief Reporter

For a girl, I’m guessing Helena Elizabeth Sarah. Princess Eugenie’s full name is Eugenie Victoria Helena, paying homage to Sarah, Duchess of York’s fascination for Queen Victoria. Victoria’s eldest child, Princess Vicky, had Eugenie as a middle name, and Helena was the name of Queen Victoria’s third daughter. For Eugenie and Jack’s daughter, adding The Queen’s name and Eugenie’s mother, Sarah’s name as middle names would be appropriate family tributes.

For a boy, I’m guessing Arthur Philip George or Christopher Philip George. Arthur is another name of one of Queen Victoria’s children, and Philip, of course, is in honour of Eugenie’s grandfather, Prince Philip. Jack Brooksbank’s father is called George, which would be a nice addition to the name. Jack’s middle name, Christopher works equally well as a first name (I’m favouring that one over Jack’s second middle name, Stamp!).

Lydia Starbuck, Associate Editor

I love the name Stamp! I am hoping that Eugenie and Jack add that to any selections but it might well be a long shot! For a boy, I am going to plump for Albert, known as Bertie. It would be a special tribute to the Queen’s beloved father who was, of course, once Duke of York so there is a strong link to Eugenie’s royal house. I’m also confident that George will get a mention, in honour of Jack’s dad, and I can’t not include my favourite royal linked middle name so my pick for a boy is Albert George Stamp – doesn’t Bertie Brooksbank sound fabulous?

I’m finding it harder to choose for a girl, mostly because I can’t really use Stamp. I have a feeling the couple will plump for something traditional but modern and in the end, I’ve gone for Rose, the flower associated with Eugenie’s royal house. The princess also included the bloom in her wedding bouquet so it has very personal links. For middle names, I’m going for Elizabeth, in honour of The Queen, and Nicola as a nod to Jack’s mum. Rose Elizabeth Nicola Brooksbank. I’ve almost convinced myself.

Brittani Barger, Deputy Editor

I’ve never been good at picking royal names. I’ve only ever gotten one right – Princess Charlotte! With that being said, my guess for a boy’s name is Philip to honour the Duke of Edinburgh in the year that he will turn 100. I think it would be such a lovely tribute to Princess Eugenie’s beloved grandfather. Christopher is Jack’s middle name, and I can see it as one of the baby’s middle names, as well. For the third middle name, I could see Eugenie and Jack naming the baby after Jack’s father, George, as well. This name would also be a tribute to King George VI – The Queen’s father. I thought about Andrew, but with the controversy surrounding him, I’m not sure they would want to bring the unwarranted coverage of having Andrew as a name. So, my final guess is Philip Christopher George!

Even though I think Eugenie is having a boy, if she does have a girl, there are so many names to pick from! I’m choosing Victoria for the baby’s first name as the York ladies love the Victorian age; plus, it’s one of Eugenie’s middle names! I see The Queen being honoured in the name, as well, but instead of using Elizabeth, I can see them going with Alexandra or Mary. Lastly, Jack’s mother, I believe, would also get a nod. My guess for a girl’s name is Victoria Alexandra Nicola.

Jess Ilse, Senior Royal Reporter/Editorial Assistant

I have never successfully guessed a royal baby’s name. I didn’t guess Charlotte (I was firmly hoping for a Princess Alice), I didn’t guess George, and I never, in a million years, would have ever guessed Louis or Archie (or Mia or Lena). So I’m not walking into this prediction pool with any sort of optimism, I’m relying on my oft-incorrect hunches, and I’m predicting that Eugenie and Jack will have a daughter. I think it’s safe to say that her first name may be a little offbeat (at least in royal circles) while The Queen and Sarah, and perhaps even big sister Beatrice, will be honoured in the middle names. I’m going to guess Addison Margaret Alexandra. Addison because I like the name, Margaret for her mother (it’s Sarah’s middle name, and also her great-aunt’s name), and Alexandra for both The Queen and Beatrice.

If Eugenie and Jack have a son, I hope the name Philip is included somewhere, given that he will celebrate his 100th birthday this June. I have a hard time grasping why none of the younger generation have used the name so far, but can also imagine Prince Philip vetoing it as unnecessary. Still, one can hope. I can’t see Andrew being honoured (at least not straight away) but I won’t be shocked if he slips in there. Jack’s a nice name, but will they want to reuse it? They could use his middle name, Christopher. I’m guessing Jasper Philip Christopher: Jasper because I like that name, Philip in honour of Eugenie’s grandfather, and Christopher in honour of Jack.

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