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Princess Anne unveils “Soldier and Horse” Memorial

In commemoration of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I, Princess Anne was present for the unveiling of the ‘Soldier and Horse’ Memorial. This memorial is purposed with remembering the important role that horses have played in times of war both to the soldier and the battlefront as key pieces of the valiant efforts put forth by armed forces.

The Princess Royal unveiled the memorial as patron of the Horse Trust, a charity in the Buckinghamshire countryside which cares for ageing horses.

The Royal Family has a long history of patronages with the Horse Trust which can be traced all the way back to Prince Albert who served as one of the earliest supporters of the charity after its founding in 1866. As such, the charity is also the oldest horse charity in the world and was on the front lines during WWI, supporting the equine efforts of battle.

The “Soldier and Horse” Memorial. @RoyalFamily/Twitter

Still serving police and military horses to this day, the charity helps transition working horse into retirement with respect to the animal’s welfare. In addition, they care for abused horses to restore them to healing.

Also, The Horse Trust helps provide homes for horses in need and has been at the helm of rescue for many disasters in which horses were victims including such instances like the Hyde Park bombing nearly thirty years ago and the Spindles Farm horrors.

The Horse Trust charity continues to look forward to the future of the organisation with rebuilding efforts, scientific research in regards to the health of horses, continued ethical retirement efforts for working horses in public service, and further care for horses and ponies who have suffered at the hands of neglect and cruelty.

During Princess Anne’s visit to The Horse Trust for the memorial unveiling, three horses were officially retired, including one who served faithfully during the Tottenham riots of 2011. The animal received an Order of Merits medal for his brave service thereof.