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Prince Charles in Romania to help promote rural Transylvania

Prince Charles has landed in Romania to promote rural life. The Prince of Wales visits Romania annually, where he supports rural life and training in the country.

The Prince founded The Prince of Wale’s Foundation Romania in 2015 in order to further his charitable work in Romania. The foundation aims to develop several projects that provide relevant skills to the local community, as well as to promote the heritage of the country.

Since its inception, they have delivered practical courses which, according to the foundation, have “benefited hundreds of families and individuals.”

The courses focus on working with local communities to provide classes and training that meet their specific needs in order to improve their quality of life. As well as that, they work with local businesses to help them secure new markets and boost their businesses.

Further to that, they offer training in restoration techniques which allows individuals to secure a job in the sector as well as help preserve the Romanian environment.

During his visit, Prince Charles met the Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, and later the Prime Minister in Bucharest. Then in his visit, he will travel to Transylvania. As well as that, he will attend a theatre festival in Sibiu.

During his visit last year, the Prince spoke about what brought him to the country. He says that the reason he visits Romania often is that of “My Romanian friends; your cultural and natural patrimony, your traditions, but also your capacity for innovation and change.”

He said that the rest of the world has “something to learn from this cultivated landscapes of Transylvania. They have a spiritual but also social, economical and ecological significance. Does this thing matter, in today’s cynical times, when there is the so-called obsession of efficiency and convenience?  Yet, it does matter, because the essence is in these landscapes where man still lives in harmony with nature.”