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Prince Charles comments on Prince George’s first day of school

Prince Charles has commented on Prince George’s first day at school.

Prince George started at his new school on Thursday.

While speaking to ITV News about Prince George’s first day at school, Prince Charles joked when asked if he had any advice for the young prince. He said “Course not! He wouldn’t take it from me at that age.”

Prince Charles said that at “that age you don’t worry quite so much about going to school than when you get a bit older.”

Prince George looked nervous as he walked into the grounds of his new school. The Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t there to be with him as she is suffering from morning sickness. This follows the announcement that the Duke and Duchess are expecting their third child.

Prince Charles, talking about Prince George, said: “Poor old thing. He’s been left there to have to get on with it. When the parents go away is always the problem.”

He said that he would be “interested to hear how he get on.”

He also added “It’s good for you, in the end, I suppose. It’s character building.”

Speaking later on in the day, the Duke of Cambridge said that Prince George had a “good day” and that it was a “nice school”, Prince William joked that he was pleased that another parent had problems and that it was not just him.

Prince George is attending Thomas’s Battersea, a private school which is just a 30-minute drive from Kensington Palace.

The school costs a massive £17,604 a year. However, this is likely to come out of the Duchy of Cornwall rather than from the tax payer.

The Duchy of Cornwall is a collection of investments of land. Prince Charles voluntarily pays tax on the Duchy income which in turns supports the Prince of Wales and his family.


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