The Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip donates his Metrocab taxi to Sandringham Museum

Prince Philip will hand over his private London taxi to the Sandringham Museum after it served him faithfully for 18 years.

Since 1999, Prince Philip has driven an eco-friendly London taxi in an effort to blend in with ordinary traffic. This has not entirely worked out, and he has frequently been sighted by the public over the years.

The Sandringham Museum announced that the eco-taxi would feature in an upcoming exhibition in which it will be showcased alongside other family vehicles from 1900 onwards.

Its new season will feature the taxi. The Museum stated: “HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s taxi, which he used for travelling to both official and private engagements in London, has arrived at Sandringham and has been added to the display in the Royal Garages.”

The cab, which is fueled by liquefied-petroleum-gas, was the only one in existence in 1999.

Prince Philip is a keen driver and giving up is iconic taxi will certainly not stop him from driving. Most recently, His Royal Highness was seen giving former US President Barack Obama and his wife a ride around Windsor Castle in a Range Rover.

In order for the car to remain roadworthy, it would have required significant repairs. The Palace decided that this was the best moment to give the keys to the museum so royal admirers can view the car. It was often reported that the taxi was driven by the Duke himself which caused a lot of surprise among the public.

It is, in fact, thought to have been driven mostly by a member of staff. However, Prince Philip was believed to have taken over when he wished.

Sandringham Museum will open from the 1st of April. It features exhibits such as a 1939 Merryweather fire engine, as well as exotic gifts from state visits such as pearls and hardwoods.