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Books written by the Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
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Throughout his life, the Duke of Edinburgh authored 13 books and contributed an amount of forwards to others. Sharing his passion for the environment, his books ranged from issues close to him to speeches he wrote himself. To commemorate his life, Royal Central is recapping the Duke’s published works.

Selected speeches,: 1948-1955 (1957)

Published by Oxford University Press in 1957, the 156 page book features a number of selected speeches from 1948 to 1955.

Selected speeches,: 1956-59 (1960)

Seabirds from Southern Waters (1962)

Also known as Birds from Britannia, the book’s American version is referred to as Seabirds from Southern Waters. Published in January of 1962, the Duke talks about his journeys around the world in the Royal Yacht Britannia. Specifically, the Duke talks of travels from 1956 to 1957 and travels in 1959. There are also several photographs showing the environment, birds, elephant seals, ships, and people.

Wildlife Crisis with James Fisher (1970)

Co-written with naturalist James Fisher, the book details species loss and habitat destruction caused by the unsustainable use of resources. The Duke shares how his interest in bird watching made him aware of the great need for wildlife conservation. The book is illustrated with photographs taken by the Duke himself.

The Environmental Revolution: Speeches on Conservation, 1962-1977 (1978)

Competition Carriage Driving (1982)

Written as a result of his experience gained in national and international driving events, the Duke advises on all aspects of training. He also touches on the topics of training, vehicles, harness, preparation, driving, and competing. The book would be published in France in 1984, as would a second edition. A revised edition was published in 1994.

A Question of Balance (1982)

Published in 1982, this book is a collection of lectures and speeches made by the Duke. Philosophical discussions focused on the importance of the individual and about the crucial part human nature plays in communal life.

Men, Machines and Sacred Cows (1984)

This book is a collection of essays by the Duke. Many of the essays included were delivered as lectures to various societies and professional associations.

A Windsor Correspondence with Michael Mann (1984)

Co-written with Michael Mann, the book includes a mix of letters on scientific and religious issues brought by Professor Sir Fred Hoyle’s Omni Lecture in January 1982 entitled Evolution from Space. Discussions in the book range from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to Science and Religious Conservatism.

Down to Earth: Collected Writings and Speeches on Man and the Natural World 1961–87 (1988)

Another book of speeches and essays by the Duke, this book covers the period from 1961 to 1987 with the threat posed by man to the environment.

Survival or Extinction: A Christian Attitude to the Environment with Michael Mann (1989)

Another book written with Michael Mann, the book traces the history and development of the environment. Suggesting all people, no matter their religious persuasion should be encouraging remedial action.

Driving and Judging Dressage (1996)

The Duke discusses and explains the meaning of the FEI rules for driven dressage. He also talks about how to solve problems both drivers and judges have in meeting requirements, purposes, and the intentions of dressage as a driven discipline.

30 Years On, and Off, the Box Seat (2004)

His final book, the Duke details how he began driving and his early involvements with the sport of competition driving.

Books with forewords written by the Duke:

  • Royal Australian Navy 1911–1961 Jubilee Souvenir issued by authority of the Department of the Navy, Canberra (1961)
  • The Concise British Flora in Colour by William Keble Martin, Ebury Press/ Michael Joseph (1965)
  • Birds of Town and Village, by William Donald Campbell and Basil Ede (1965)
  • Kurt Hahn by Hermann Röhrs and Hilary Tunstall-Behrens (1970)
  • The Doomsday Book of Animals by David Day, (1981)
  • Saving the Animals: The World Wildlife Fund Book of Conservation by Bernard Stonehouse, (1981)
  • The Art of Driving by Max Pape (1982)
  • Yachting and the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club by Graeme Norman (1988) 
  • National Maritime Museum Guide to Maritime Britain by Keith Wheatley, (2000)
  • The Royal Yacht Britannia: The Official History by Richard Johnstone-Bryden, Conway Maritime Press (2003)
  • 1953: The Crowning Year of Sport by Jonathan Rice, (2003)
  • British Flags and Emblems by Graham Bartram, Tuckwell Press (2004)
  • Chariots of War by Robert Hobson, Ulric Publication (2004)
  • RMS Queen Mary 2 Manual: An Insight into the Design, Construction and Operation of the World’s Largest Ocean Liner by Stephen Payne, Haynes Publishing (2014)
  • The Triumph of a Great Tradition: The Story of Cunard’s 175 Years by Eric Flounders and Michael Gallagher, Lily Publications (2014)

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