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Opinion: Meghan Markle should consider taking a page out of the royal Scandinavian social book

Meghan Markle has a huge learning curve to overcome as she’s poised to join the Royal Family as Prince Harry’s wife and the next working member of the Firm. I’ve often thought the British royals are more formal and less approachable than other European monarchies, particularly those of Sweden and Denmark.

The Windsors communicate to the world through social media but rather impersonally through assistants and staff. There isn’t much of a human touch to their posts. They’re working, and it shows.

This is a big wish that I know won’t happen, but it would be wonderful if Meghan could share her thoughts, feelings and observations as she’s stepping into her new role. Indeed, she’s going to experience British traditions and royal events she’ll participate in for years to come. Her first reactions would be lovely to read about.

I think it would be fascinating to see her life through her eyes instead of through another’s. Meghan is a very warm, compassionate and exuberant woman. She isn’t just well-spoken. Her personality shines through in her writing. She would add a more human element to the British royals than I’ve ever seen – a more approachable, less cold side.

Meghan is also outspoken and opinionated. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and to have an opposing viewpoint. She’ll have to curb her tongue on matters of politics because the Royal Family are expected to remain neutral on political issues.

Meghan has already had to make some adjustments in her life. Disappearing from social media and not sharing her life is only one change she has had to make. She closed down her lifestyle blog, The Tig. Her acting career as well, is another part of her life she has abandoned in order to marry Prince Harry.

She will also become a British citizen. I’m personally glad she’ll keep her American citizenship because you can take the American out of America, but not America out of the American. Meghan will always be American. No amount of training will take that from her. But I wonder how she’ll cope and not feel stifled by the restrictions and conventions placed on her by the Royal Family. Will doing charity work be enough for her when she’s worked closely on missions for UN Women? She can’t just head to Africa for a humanitarian mission. Diaries would need to be consulted, and security detail worked out.

These are a few of many big and small adjustments to come for Meghan. I imagine she’s had her struggles and will continue to in the coming months.

Deciding to accept Harry’s proposal might have seemed like an easy decision for her as described in the engagement interview. It’s not though. Since news of their relationship went public, Meghan has had to weigh everything she’s said and done, every place she’s visited and outfit worn because her life wasn’t just her own. She became more than famous.

She has made sacrifice after sacrifice. It seems somewhat unfair that Meghan give up much of the life she had before becoming Harry’s fiancée. Harry hasn’t had to change much. I’m pleased though, that he’ll be there to guide Meghan as she learns to navigate her new world.

I have no doubts of Meghan’s ability to cope with her new role and life. It won’t be easy. Before she broke out as a successful actress, Meghan faced many obstacles that forced her grit. She could’ve given up. This determination will serve her well when learning the royal ropes.