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New book reveals how Chelsea Clinton used the Duchess of Cambridge as a role model for giving birth

A new book ‘Chasing Hilary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns and One Intact Glass Ceiling’ has revealed how Hilary Clinton’s only daughter used the birth of Prince George in 2013, as a model for how to cope with the arrival of her own daughter a year later.

The book, by New York Times journalist Amy Chozik, reveals how Chelsea Clinton and her aides supposedly studied the British Royal Family during the Duchess of Cambridge’s first birth, to see how they handled the press.

The claims come side-by-side with a revelation that Chelsea apparently saw herself as Kate’s equal, implying that the Clinton’s be the answer to America’s version of a royal family.

Chozik has also previously written about Hilary Clinton during both her presidential campaigns, regularly documenting the life of the failed Democratic candidate and her loved ones.

And while during her years as a journalist she might have learnt a lot about the Clinton family, Chozik reveals how on the day Chelsea Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky announced their pregnancy; she noticed how the young girl has blossomed into a lady with ‘flowing straight hair and a permanent strawberry glow.’

However, according to her brutally honest book, the reality was that Chelsea’s lovely hair was just the result of an expensive hairdresser and keratin treatments.

Chozik also reveals how Chelsea had a big influence over her Mother and in particular how she presented herself.

Reports in the MailOnline reveal how during her Mother’s 2008 campaign, Chelsea was having to stop her Hilary from eating plates of chips as she was gaining weight while being on the road and doing little exercise.

While Chozik’s memoirs may tell a harsh truth about the Clinton family and their lifestyle, only last week Chelsea Clinton was forced to hit back at particular claims.

Chozik had suggested that Hilary Clinton’s daughter had been popping open bottles of champagne just before her Mother’s loss to Donald Trump was revealed.

According to a preview in the New York Times, Chozik states “Things were already looking bad when, several people told me, Chelsea Clinton popped the champagne.”

However, Chelsea has refuted the claims explaining how at the time that the accusation supposedly took place, she was alone with her husband, pumping breast milk for her 5-month-old son.

But accusations and refutes aside, with the third royal baby being born earlier this week, will Chelsea Clinton use this birth as another template for her own?

Either way, the Duchess of Cambridge is bound to be flattered that someone wanted to use her class and elegance of dealing with the press during her pregnancy as a model for their own child’s birth.