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Meghan Markle to undergo intensive security training with the SAS

Add security training to the laundry list of things Meghan Markle will do in the run-up to her wedding day.

Meghan Markle is reportedly set to train with the SAS – Special Air Service – a special forces unit of the British Army that deals in “covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action, and hostage rescue,” per its Wikipedia page.

“If you can imagine her being put into a room, being treated as if she was a hostage, the room being stormed by the SAS, she will be put through that training,” Alex Bomberg told The Independent in an interview about her training.

Bomberg is a former royal aide and currently runs a close protection firm called Intelligent Protection International.

“Diana and Charles went through that training,” Bomberg continued. “Pretty much every senior member of the Royal Family has been through that training.”

In addition to learning how to react in case, she’s taken as a hostage, Meghan Markle will also learn how to respond without having close protection.

A former bodyguard for David and Victoria Beckham spoke with The Mirror about what Meghan Markle will learn and how it will apply to her life as a full-time royal.

“She’ll be taught about driving, defensive driving,” said Garry Curtis.

“She’ll be briefed on the electrical side of things and how to keep personal information safe. She may get a brief bit of self-defence but to be honest, if it gets to that situation lots of safety measures will have failed.”

Meghan Markle has had a personal protection officer since her engagement to Prince Harry was announced, and that officer will trail her around-the-clock.

“She’ll get her own bodyguard, but it won’t be some massive meat-head chap,” said Curtis. “It will be someone who blends in who you won’t realise is a bodyguard.”

Bomberg likened Meghan Markle’s upcoming life to more of a regime thanks to the protective measures.

“She won’t be able to come and go as freely as she would if she was a normal person… Every part of her life now going forward, from anything from going to the dentist to having her hair done will be organised.”

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