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Labour peer under scrutiny after revealing Queen’s political views

A Labour peer is under scrutiny after revealing the Queen’s political viewpoints over the UK voting system.

According to Baroness Joyce Gould, Her Majesty is reportedly opposed to the proportional representation voting system, which had been considered as a new way to vote in British elections.

Baroness Gould expressed this revelation in her memoirs, where she breached strict royal protocol as to never undermine the Queen’s neutral standpoint on political matters.

In the memoirs, Baroness Gould says that in 1997: “We discussed her views on proportional representation; I will not disclose her words but they were not supportive.”

It is a constitutional convention in the United Kingdom that the monarch and her family never align with any political party, and stay clear of political activities which could damage the family’s impartiality. Also, anybody who engages in conversation with the Queen are supposed to keep the content of the content private and off the record.

Despite the Queen’s apparent opposition for proportional representation, Baroness Gould supported the alternative voting method of voting.

The system of proportional voting works by marking the ballot paper in elections with numbers in order of preference. This would mean that underrepresented parties, such as the greens and UKIP, would get extra MPs elected.

This is not the first time the Queen’s political views have been inadvertently revealed.

Back in September 2014 after the Scottish independence referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron said that Her Majesty “purred” upon hearing the news that Scotland had voted to stay within the UK.

This led to a statement being released by Buckingham Palace, saying that that the Queen was above politics.

The Queen never votes in elections, neither do members of her family. You can read more about The Queen and voting by clicking here.


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