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King Charles IIIPrince & Princess of Wales

Prince Charles meets Prince Louis and helps celebrate Princess Charlotte’s birthday

Prince Charles has flown into Kensington Palace on Wednesday to meet his newest grandchild.

The heir-to-the-throne was believed to be in Scotland working but arrived to meet Prince Louis.

This is Prince Charles’ third biological grandchild. Upon the announcement of Prince Louis’ birth, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall released a statement through Clarence House, saying: “We are both so pleased at the news. It is a great joy to have another grandchild, the only trouble is I don’t know how I am going to keep up with them!”

The visit coincided with Princess Charlottes birthday. She turned three on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth also flew in from Windsor to meet her sixth great-grandchild.

The Queen took the 40-minute helicopter trip into London from Windsor Castle where she has been staying with Prince Philip while he recovers from his hip operation. 

Prince Louis is Queen Elizabeth’s sixth great-grandchild and third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

While it was certain The Queen was on hand to meet Prince Louis, she was likely also celebrating Princess Charlotte’s birthday.

Queen Elizabeth was seen leaving the helicopter, carrying a hand-tied bouquet of flowers before getting into a Range Rover.

On Tuesday, the Duke of Cambridge signed Prince Louis’ birth register at Kensington Palace.

Born just over a week ago, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have formally registered their newborn son’s birth from the comfort of their own home.

Prince William signed the register at Kensington Palace with a Registrar from the City of Westminster Register Office as a witness.

Prince Louis’ parents are both listed with the occupations of ‘Prince of the United Kingdom’ and ‘Princess of the United Kingdom’, once again started the debate if Kate should be referred to as Duchess or Princess.

Princess will only fall before her name if she was born into the Royal Family, such as Princess Charlotte or Princess Eugenie. Kate only adopts the title of Princess because in the UK she takes on her husband’s title.

Prince Louis was born on 23 April after the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted into the hospital in the early morning. As in the past, the Duchess had a quick labour and Prince Louis was born at 11.01 at 8lbs 7oz.