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King Charles III

“65% Of People Surveyed Think Charles Won’t Reign Until 2020!”

As our site users will know, we recently opened an opinion polls section of our site to help us gain an understanding of people’s opinion on the Monarchy. Some of the results we gained from the survey were quite surprising. Here is our round-up of survey details and what we think it means.

Firstly, one of our primary polls was what gender  people will think the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child will be. Of 85 people who answered the survey, 52 (61%) think this child will be a girl and 33 (39%) think it will be a boy. We think the child will be a girl too. This child, regardless of gender, will reign as King or Queen – only time will tell now whether the results of this survey match!

Next, was the question about which member of the Royal Family people think will be the next to marry. Incredibly, of the 82 people who answered the poll, 56 people (68%) think Princess Beatrice will marry next. Princess Beatrice is currently believed to be romantically involved with Dave Clark, whom she has been with for several years now. Next was Prince Harry, of which only 14 people (17%) thought would be next to marry, currently it is not known who, if anyone, Prince Harry is involved with. Despite this, Princess Eugenie came last in the poll, 12 people (15%) thought she’d be next to marry, coming after Prince Harry, even though she has a known boyfriend and partner, Jack Brooksbank.

The next item on the Royal agenda was what regnal name Prince Charles will choose. A regnal name is what name he will reign under, Monarchs have a choice from the 3/4 names they have. Prince Charles’s full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, so any of those 4 names he could choose to reign under. 70% of the 99 people who answered the poll said they think Charles will stick with that name and become Charles III, 21% of the answerers think he’ll choose King George VII, in honour of his maternal grandfather, 5% think the unusual King Philip I (after his father) and 4% think King Arthur I.

It is no secret that The Queen has enjoyed and will likely continue to enjoy a long and healthy life. One of our survey questions really staggered us! Of 57 people surveyed on when they think Prince Charles will come to the throne, 37 people (65%) think it won’t be until at least 2020. Others say: 2018-2019 (16%, 9 Votes), 2016-2017 (11%, 6 Votes), 2014-2015 (7%, 4 Votes), 2013 (1%, 1 Votes)

The last survey to close this month is ‘What title do you think will be bestowed upon Prince Harry on his Wedding Day?’ – it will almost certainly be a Dukedom as he is high in the line of succession and precedence. The 4 choices were: Duke Of Clarence, Duke Of Cumberland, Duke Of Windsor and Duke Of Connaught. Amazingly, of the 97 people surveyed, 43% (the majority) think it’ll be the Duke Of Windsor, even though this title is commonly associated with Edward VIII after he was issued this title after he abdicated in 1936, the title hasn’t been used since. Duke Of Clarence is a viable option, of which 33% of people think it’ll be that title, then 15% and 9% of people believed it would be Duke Of Cumberland and Duke Of Connaught respectively.

See our polls page to have your say by clicking here!

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