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First European royal confirms attendance at King Charles III’s coronation

The first European royal to confirm their attendance at King Charles III’s coronation this spring has spoken about how much he’s looking forward to the ceremony.

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Prince Albert II of Monaco said, “I’m certain that it’s going to be an incredible ceremony and a very moving one.”

The Sovereign Prince of Monaco, who came to his own throne in 2005, said that he was sure King Charles’s coronation would include ‘personal touches.’

“But what those will be, I’m sure I don’t know,” he added.

Prince Albert said that he hadn’t spoken personally to the King since the death of Queen Elizabeth II last fall but said that he expects “remains very much engaged and still very keen to pursue” his chosen causes such as environmentalism.

Of his causes, Prince Albert said that King Charles “was the first major figure of state, a leader of opinion, to commit himself to environmental protection. He really began in the 1980s — and in many pioneering ways. In sustainability and really in every aspect of it. In architecture, for example, and in using different designs, even to small town designs.”

Prince Albert confirmed that Princess Charlene would join him at King Charles’s coronation on 6 May at Westminster Abbey but stopped short of confirming that their two children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, would also attend. 

“I don’t know what arrangements they’ll provide for other members of the family. And the children, I think, may be a little young for these types of ceremonies. But we’ll see.”

Prince Albert added: “You know I don’t know how many coronations of an English monarch I’ll see in my lifetime, so we’ll try to take advantage of that.”

As the months roll on, more royals will confirm their attendance at King Charles III’s coronation—the first in 70 years. Some 2,000 guests will be invited to Westminster Abbey for the ceremony while billions more watch on television. 

Royal Central will bring you full coverage of King Charles III’s coronation leading up to 6 May.

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