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King Charles III

A pat down the neck for Noble as The King congratulates his Mountie on a job well done

The King was pictured giving his mare, Noble, a pat down the neck on Saturday after the duo returned to Buckingham Palace following the Birthday Parade.

Noble, a seven-year-old mare, was gifted to The King by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police earlier this year.

Saturday was the first time she had performed at such a high profile event, and she was tasked with carrying none other than the monarch himself.

Although a little bit green and skittish at times, Noble safely accompanied His Majesty for the nearly two hours they partnered eachother.

When the mare appeared upset by the crowds or the noise, The King was seen gently reassuring his mount.

Saturday’s parade was the first time where a reigning monarch had rode on horseback at Trooping the Colour since 1986.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have a long association with The Royal Family.

Having taken part in The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, the ‘Mounties’ went on to present Her Late Majesty with eight horses throughout her reign.

The first of these was Burmese, in 1969, who Queen Elizabeth II rode at Trooping the Colour for 18 years. 

Burmese was the late Queen’s final ever Trooping mount in 1986.

Four of the horses gifted to Queen Elizabeth are still alive and are living at the Royal Mews. All four took part in Her Late Majesty’s State Funeral last year.