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King Charles and the Princess of Wales support each other as they deal with health issues

King Charles III and the Princess of Wales had lunch together just hours before the announcement of Catherine’s cancer diagnosis.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the two had met at Windsor on Friday afternoon.

The Sun first reported the story and the lunch has been described as ”emotional” although the conversation between the two remains private.

Soon after the Princess announced she was being treated for cancer, King Charles said he was ”so proud” of his ”beloved daughter in law”.

It is one of several reports over the weekend about the strong bond between The King and the Princess of Wales as they both deal with serious health issues.

The Daily Telegraph has revealed that The King and the Princess chatted regularly while both inpatients at the London Clinic at the end of January. At the time, His Majesty was being treated for a benign prostate condition while Her Royal Highness had undergone abdominal surgery.

The paper shares that the two were treated in the same wing of the hospital, sealed off by security, and The King visited his daughter in law as often as possible as she was treated following a major operation.

Since then, both have found out that they have cancer. The King shared his diagnosis in February and has confined himself to constitutional duties inside Buckingham Palace while he is treated.

Catherine made her announcement on March 22nd and has said she will be taking time away from public engagements to receive preventative chemotherapy.

Both are optimistic about their situation with The King reported to be keen to get back to his full diary. His nephew, Peter Phillips, said at the weekend that Charles III is pushing to expand his agenda once more.

Meanwhile, the Princess of Wales, in a statement written by her alone, said she was well and she was going to be OK.

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