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Peter Phillips: William and Catherine are “a fantastic team”

Peter Phillips praised his cousin William and his wife Catherine as a “fantastic team” in a new interview with Sky News Australia.

The interview was released on the heels of Catherine’s shocking cancer announcement, and though Peter only commented on her abdominal surgery recovery, he said that Catherine and The King have both been touched by the “outpouring of support…and the well wishes for both of them to recover quickly.”

On Friday, after weeks of gross online speculation, Catherine appeared in a video message to share that following major abdominal surgery in mid-January, her medical team had found that cancer had been present and had recommended preventative chemotherapy.

Peter said that William and Catherine “make a fantastic team together” and that Catherine is “remarkable in herself.”

He particularly praised they way they raise Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, noting that William and Catherine “have the balance of public life and trying to be parents to three young children.”

He continued: “As history has taught us and anyone knows, you want to be there for your children when they’re of a certain age. You want to be able to go and drop them off at school, pick them up from school and go and watch matches and be part of their school lives.”

And of their meeting up together, Peter said that “when we are together it’s a very important time—not just for us as cousins but for all our children to be together.”

Peter is father to two daughters, Savannah, 13, and Isla, 11, with his ex-wife Autumn Phillips.

Elsewhere in the interview, Peter spoke of how his uncle is handling cancer treatment, his last moments with his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, and how his mother’s work ethic has inspired both him and Zara.

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