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Prince Michael writes foreword to book about Metropolitan Police’s special escort group

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Prince Michael is set to write the foreword for the upcoming book, Escorting the Monarch: We Lead Others Follow – a book sharing the history of the Metropolitan Police’s Special Escort Group.

The book by Chris Jagger set to come out in October is an official history of the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Special Escort Group’ (SEG). Those who work for the SEG are responsible for providing the highest possible levels of protection. The protection ranges from royalty to presidents, to even priceless works of art, terrorists, and high-risk prisoners.

Written by the son of a retired SEG officer who served in the British government’s security and intelligence community, the book is told in part through first-hand stories and anecdotes from formers officers of the group. In addition, readers will read collections of never before told stories on high profile events like the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill and the visit of Nelson Mandela.

In a preview of the foreword, Prince Michael commends the SEG for their professionalism and for serving his family many times throughout the years. He also adds that they are better trained than any other similar organisation in foreign countries. Giving examples of his own experience, one portion of the foreword reads:

“I remember a police motorcyclist in Swaziland who picked up with his foot, as he went along, the hat a workman had put on the ground beside him, and drove with the hat impaled on his foot all the way back to Government House, where he proudly showed off the miserable garment, now past its prime.

And there was the police motorcyclist in the Caribbean who weaved from side to side as he drove along in front of me and later explained that his helmet was fitted with music and that he was listening to the latest reggae number.

The book is available from 30 October in the United Kingdom and is scheduled to be released on 6 January 2022.

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