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In Diana’s footsteps: the princess behind the palace walls


In this special edition of the Royal Central podcast, we hear from author Deb Stratas who has spent several years visiting every home Diana, Princess of Wales lived in to discover the woman behind the royal image.

Deb’s new book, ‘At Home with Diana’, views the princess through the windows of places she called home. By walking in Diana’s footsteps, Deb looks to bring to life a woman whose every move was followed but who remains an enigma to many. The best selling author joins Brittani Barger, Moniek Bloks and Lydia Starbuck to discuss Diana’s life and legacy and pass on her own tips about discovering the real ‘People’s Princess’.

You can find out more about all the Diana books by Deb Stratas on her website.

About author

Lydia is a writer, blogger and journalist. She's worked in the media for over twenty years as a broadcast reporter, producer and editor as well as feature and online writer. As well as royals and royal history, she's a news junkie and podcaster.