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How the Duchess of Cambridge is teaching children to garden

The Duchess of Cambridge has continued her collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society beyond her ‘Back to Nature’ Garden that’s currently on display at the Chelsea Flower Show by creating a series of activity cards to inspire young people to play outside and play in gardens.

“These step-by-step guides take inspiration from elements of the Duchess’ RHS Back to Nature Garden which has been designed for this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show,” reads the Royal Horticultural Society’s School Gardening website.

“If you can’t get to Chelsea this year, you can download the activities and have a go at them with your children or group.”

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The five activities are meant to be enjoyed with items and objects that are either free or that parents and guardians already have access to and include creating a fairy garden, pebble painting, making welly and toy planters, making leaf wands, and creating a bug hotel.

The fairy garden is described as “a miniature garden using natural materials or found objects” to create a “magical fairy hideaway or Jurassic jungle!”

Pebble painting is meant to brighten up a garden, to use as “plant labels for your crops, use for a treasure hunt or even practice your counting.”

The welly and toy planters are meant to upcycle items children may have outgrown to “make really fun containers for planting up herbs and flowers.”

The leaf wands are meant to inspire children to be creative in nature, by heading to parks or the woods to “find different leaves that have fallen from the trees, feathers left by birds or petals that have fallen from nearby flowers” for a wand.

The bug hotels are meant to teach children how to make nests for bugs – a natural part of the garden – and to blend them into the garden by using natural materials and camouflaging them.

Kate’s ‘Back to Nature’ Garden has been on display this week at the Chelsea Flower Show, and interest in the garden has been through the roof, with wait times reported as anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

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Kate brought William and her children, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte, to the garden on Sunday to play; and hosted The Queen on Monday before it opened to the public.

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