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‘Her Royal Majesty’; a new style for the Queen as President Trump’s State Visit is confirmed

It’s not the title we’re used to seeing in front of Elizabeth II’s name. As the White House confirmed that President Donald Trump would make a State Visit to the UK, the statement announcing the trip said he would make it following an invitation from ‘Her Royal Majesty’ the Queen.

The addition of an even more regal aspect to the Monarch’s title immediately drew comment with some labelling it as the first gaffe of the State Visit. When Donald Trump met the Queen at Windsor Castle in 2018 during a working visit to the UK, he was criticised for breaking protocol by walking in front of Elizabeth II as they inspected the guard.

The State Visit will take place between June 3rd and June 5th 2019 and although major details haven’t yet been confirmed, the event will include a carriage procession for the US President and First Lady as well as a State Banquet. It’s not yet clear which members of the Royal Family will participate in this first State Visit by a US president since 2011.

The press statement which elevated the Queen to ‘Her Royal Majesty’ also indicated that Donald Trump would meet the UK Prime Minister during his visit to the country. First Lady Melania Trump will accompany the President on a trip to Portsmouth where they will participate in a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day. They are expected to head to France following the State Visit for further commemorations of the Normandy landings.

The title ‘Majesty’ was first adopted as an official style for the sovereign in England in the reign of Henry VIII who was also known by the then more usual ‘Highness’ and ‘Grace’. Since then it has become the usual title attributed to the Monarch who is also known as ‘’Most Excellent Majesty’’ in Acts of Parliament and as ‘’Britannic Majesty’’ on UK passports. ‘Royal Majesty’ is, as yet, unclaimed.

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