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Harry and Meghan’s beautiful wedding cake revealed

We have now seen the amazing cake we have heard so much about in the past few months, and as with many aspects of the royal wedding, it is safe to say it is innovative and different. The cake has been described as ‘ethereal’ and is a showstopping centrepiece for the wedding and looks like a little snapshot of spring.

The non-traditional (for Britain) cake has been frosted in an elderflower swiss meringue buttercream rather than the usual icing and is covered in Meghan’s favourite flowers which are Peonies. Instead of a tiered layout, the three different sized cakes are each displayed on their own gold stands with Claire Ptak the baker calling it ‘an installation’.

Paired with the elderflower buttercream is a lemon flavoured sponge drizzled with elderflower syrup as well as a lemon curd filling. Harry and Meghan chose these flavours to reflect the botanical flavours of spring, and the combination of the sweet and tart aspects should work well together. The elderflowers used for the cake have come from The Queen’s estates, and all of the butter and eggs have also been locally sourced.

It has taken Claire Ptak and a team of six other bakers five days to create the cake in Buckingham Palace’s kitchens, after months of working with the royal couple to bring their vision to life.

Harry and Meghan chose baker Claire to bake their wedding cake as Meghan is a fan of her trendy East London bakery ‘Violet’ and the two have worked together in the past on a piece for a blog which Meghan used to run. The decision to use a small London bakery fits in with Harry and Meghan’s local and sustainable feel to the wedding, but the fact that Claire is a Californian gives a nod to Meghan’s roots.

The gorgeous cake will be cut and served to 600 lucky guests at today’s lunchtime reception.