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The Gloucesters

The Duchess of Gloucester walks 11,000 steps each day as part of a challenge to honour those who have died from prostate cancer

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

The Duchess of Gloucester has been taking part in the March the Month challenge this March to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer UK. As their Patron, she has been walking every day in honour of the 11,000 men who die from prostate cancer every year in the UK. 

The March the Month challenges people to walk 11,000 steps every day for the men who lose their lives to prostate cancer. It raises both money and awareness for prostate cancer research. The Duke of Gloucester has been joining her on her walks every day, and the Royal Family has periodically been sharing their progress.

On Monday, 22 March, the Duchess joined a video chat with the CEO of Prostate Cancer UK, and two supporters who are doing the challenge. Peter Silk was diagnosed with prostate cancer in spring 2020, and Kerry McDowell is walking in honour of her father who passed away in January of 2021. They chatted about how each of them are finding the challenge, and Silk and McDowell shared why it is so meaningful for them. 

The Duchess shared her own March the Month experience from this year. “My husband has very kindly become my walking partner. And we did try and do it all in one go. And it was exhausting, but it is always… jolly nice when we come home in late afternoon. Luckily, we live by a paddock, where we could get a morning walk in… and then do the rest in the park in the afternoon.” She applauded both Silk and McDowell for their commitment to the March, and for their continuing work to raise awareness.

The Duchess regularly attends engagements and functions for Prostate Cancer UK. In the past, she has visited patients, attended receptions, and even visited the Movember EU Headquarters in 2013.  As prostate cancer is now the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in the UK, her support and patronage are helping to raise further awareness. Prostate Cancer UK was founded in 1996 as The Prostate Cancer Charity and rebranded as Prostate Cancer UK in 2012 after merging with Prostate Action. The charity focuses on raising awareness about prostate cancer, raising funds for research, and improving the lives of those affected by prostate cancer.

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