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The Gloucesters

Prince Richard personally delivers Queen’s birthday telegram to centenarian

Earlier this week, 100-year-old Betty Richardson, a nursing home resident in Sheffield, received her birthday telegram from the queen. But Betty’s telegram was extra special as it was personally delivered by Her Majesty’s cousin, the Duke of Gloucester.

His Royal Highness paid a visit to Broomgrove Nursing Home, which holds a charitable status in the region. Prince Richard met both staff and residents at the home from the youngest to the very oldest.

The 24th-in-line to the throne took a keen interest in meeting Betty, as his own mother, Princess Alice, lived to be 102-years-old. In recent years, the number of British citizens reaching their 100th birthday has increased. It has risen to 70%, more than ten years ago. Reportedly, a ‘Centenarian Team’ has been established at Whitehall to keep track of these milestone birthdays; and more staff have been needed as a result.

The Duke asked the spry centenarian if being the oldest patient in the home carried any sway. She replied: “I get my own way quite a lot.”

The manager at Broomgrove Care Home, Donna Pierpoint said: “It’s not every day you get a member of the royal family visiting a care home!

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed meeting him and I hope the Duke of Gloucester now has more of an appreciation about the work we do and the quality of life we provide for our residents.”

Receiving a telegram from Her Majesty is indeed an honour, but to have it personally handed to you by a member of the Royal Family is most certainly a unique experience. And with more British citizens reaching their milestone 100th birthday in recent years than ever before, could this practice become a more regular occurance?