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Joint engagement between Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and the Duke & Duchess of Gloucester cancelled

princess beatrix
© RVD - Jeroen van der Meyde

The Centenary Reception of the Anglo-Netherlands Society due to be attended by Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester on Tuesday has been cancelled due to concerns over the coronavirus.

An official statement on their website reads, “We have taken this decision with a heavy heart, but it reflects our collective, precautionary judgement, taking full account of recent developments over the COVID-19 virus, including Government statements. We have been in touch with the Royal Household at Kensington Palace and with the Netherlands Ambassador about our decision. We are sorry for any inconvenience to you caused by this decision, but trust that you will understand why it was taken. Our intention is to re-instate a similar Centenary event later in the year and will send a further notice about this in due course. We are now working on all the necessary steps to dismantle all the practical and detailed arrangements for 17 March that were in place. ”

The reception was to take place in the State Apartments of Kensington Palace, built by the King-Stadtholder William III and his wife Queen Mary II.

Despite this, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester will undertake several other engagements over the next few days. Most of Princess Beatrix’s engagements have been cancelled.