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Giving hugs? Kate is a fan.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a big fan of hugs.

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Throughout her time in the Royal Family, the Duchess of Cambridge has shown she’s not afraid to give out hugs on engagements.

“Hugs are very important. I keep saying that to my children,” Her Royal Highness recently explained at an engagement.

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Earlier this week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended an event at Basildon Sporting Village – an event that centred around the ability of sport to change lives.

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The Duchess was well embraced by young admirers during the couple’s visit. These youngsters are part of the Royal Foundation’s Coach Core project, a project that empowers to educate and train the next generation of sports coaches.

During their visit, Will and Kate participated in a number of activities. The Duchess took a try at playing tennis while the Duke took his hand at practising javelin.

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Traditionally, hugging members of the Royal Family breaks traditional protocol. One is not meant to touch a royal unless they offer their hand first for you to shake.

BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond says that these are “customs and practices” rather than a set “book of rules.”

With the younger generation of monarchs, Dymond says “nothing is set in stone”, going on to add: “Reinvention is something they have become rather good at.”

Kate isn’t the only royal breaking tradition. During Prince Harry and Meghan’s visit to Australia and New Zealand, the two embraced a number of well-wishers. One young fan even stroked the Duke of Sussex’s beard.

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