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Duchess of Sussex makes her second visit to Justice for Girls

It’s been a little over the week since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they would be stepping back as ‘senior royals’. However, they did note that they would continue to support the Queen, the Commonwealth, and their patronages.

In the midst of headlines, Meghan has continued her charity work. Marking her second visit in two days to the Vancouver charity, Justice For Girls.

Founded in 1999, Justice For Girls was created to address the needs and vulnerabilities of girls, particularly in relation to those experiencing homelessness, poverty, and violence. Over the past 21 years, the organisation has worked to promote rights and equality for young girls.

The Duchess has been focusing on women’s charities close to the couple’s temporary Vancouver Island home.

Meghan made the visit after a Sussex aide reached out to share that the Duchess finds their work “credible and compelling” and that she was eager to learn more.

Meghan spent an hour talking with staff and sharing stories. During her visit, Meghan spoke to the group about her commitment to advancing gender equity and other women’s issues.

Co-director Zoe Craig-Sparrow told, “We were very moved by the Duchess visiting us despite terrible weather conditions in Vancouver and her very recent arrival.”

Going on to add, “we were struck by how engaged and informed she was on the issues we discussed, and how quickly and gracefully she put us at ease.

She was well-informed about the rights of girls and women and the need to challenge social inequality in a way that is holistic and global.”

According to a tweet by the organisation, Meghan also discussed climate justice for girls and the rights of indigenous peoples.

In Canada’s current epidemic of violence against Indigenous girls and women, the country hs seen over 4,000 women murdered or gone missing within the past 30 years.

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