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Duchess of Cambridge jokes that she and William should have another baby

The Duchess of Cambridge made a joke about having another baby and caused international buzz with speculation that there might be a third little Cambridge soon.

The Duke and Duchess hadn’t been in Poland for 12 hours when they sent the global news machine spinning into chaos after receiving teddy bears specifically designed for a newborn as a gift.

The royal couple were visiting The Heart, a centre that promotes digital start-up businesses in Warsaw when they were given teddy bears that replicate the noises heard in the womb and soothes newborns when they cry.

The Duchess thanked the company, Whisbears, and then turned to Prince William and quipped, “We will just have to have more babies.”

“We gave the Duchess some presents for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. She said they should have more babies and they laughed,” said Julia Sielicka-Jastrzebska, founder of Whisbears, in an interview afterwards.

Sielicka-Jastrzebska said she gave each child a teddy bear and gave a t-shirt to the Duchess that reads “i’mperfect”, the company’s campaign slogan to help mothers feel that they don’t have to be neat and flawless parents.

Naturally, the Duchess’s joke went viral within minutes of having spoken. The Duke and Duchess have two children – Prince George, who celebrates his fourth birthday next week, and Princess Charlotte, who just turned two – that are accompanying them on their visit.

Both times the Duchess was pregnant there was significant global interest. The wait for Prince George was dubbed “The Great Kate Wait” and journalists from around the world waited for weeks outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in July 2013 to break the news.

The couple has spoken in the past about wanting a family, and rumours have continuously followed the couple since their wedding.

The Duke and Duchess are on an official visit to Poland and Germany until Friday. It is their first official visit to Poland and the Duchess’s first to Germany.

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