The Cambridges

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brave the pouring rain as they arrive in Blackpool

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge braved the pouring rain on Wednesday as they arrived in Blackpool for a day of engagements.

Their Royal Highnesses had umbrellas at the ready as they stepped out of their car and waved to the dozens of people standing in the rain to get a glimpse of the couple.

William and Catherine were greeted by the Mayor and Mayoress of Blackpool as they entered the iconic Blackpool Tower.

The purpose of their visit to the popular seaside resort is to witness a series of innovative projects that are focused on investment and regeneration.

At Blackpool Tower, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge learned about the town’s recent history, the challenges, and the investment and regeneration efforts that are currently underway.

Next, they’ll head to Blackpool Central Library where the Duke and Duchess will split off to take part in separate discussions relevant to their interests.

The Duchess of Cambridge will meet with those involved in Blackpool’s ‘A Better Start’ programme, discussing “the impact of long-term investment in mothers, fathers, and children in their early years.”

Meanwhile, the Duke will meet people impacted by issues such as homelessness and addiction, as well as those working to make a difference in combatting mental health issues locally. Additionally, Prince William will chat with those involved with emergency services and first responders to discuss how they are helping people with mental health.

The last engagement of the day will take place at Revoe Park, a community garden and park in a deprived area that has been revamped thanks to the A Better Start programme. The park offers activities for children to learn about gardening and the outdoors, and also gives a space for parents, especially men, to discuss mental health issues.

Blackpool, which was a popular Victorian holiday destination, has experienced its fair share of issues in terms of drugs and crime in recent years. A key goal of the day of the engagements will be learning how Blackpool “is leading the way in tackling some of the social and mental health problems faced by people in Britain today” and overcoming these challenges.

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