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Animated series inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the works

The Duchess of Sussex is no stranger to television after her role in Suits, and the Duke and Duchess have even been portrayed in a Lifetime made-for-TV movie (with a second one on the way). But now the couple are going to make a much different television debut … as cartoon characters.

Meghan and Harry have inspired a new animated series called Royalty but don’t expect an exact representation of their love story.

Created by 5-0 Entertainment, the series will feature a fictional royal family based on the Sussexes. The show follows Prince Andrew and Princess Caroline and their four children: Princess Cristina; Princess Lara and her twin brother, Prince Philip; and the youngest, Princess Alexandra.

Much like the real Sussexes, the royals portrayed in Royalty are passionate about charity work, and, according to the show’s press release, “the kindness and grace exuded by our fictitious characters Prince Andrew and Princess Caroline are reflected in the humanity of the children throughout each of our heart-warming episodes.”

The show is set in London, and “recognisable characters and the relatable locations help the audience settle into the environment of this lovely historical place.” And of course, no royal programme would be complete without a queen who loves dogs and horses.

5-0 Entertainment

As a companion to the show, a series of 25 children’s storybooks are planned to be released.

The series’ creator, Melanie Greene said: “Perhaps the greatest lesson that the future of Royalty the animation television series holds is the idea that one should ‘keep moving forward;’ it’s something that I hope the audience will take each week in their heart, especially the kids, to help stay motivated, inspired, no matter what challenges life may present.

“Most people only wish they could do something to create a better world, but most people are not His Royal Highness Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Duchess Meghan of Sussex. The endearing love that both carry inside their hearts set the abundance of inspiration in our new television animation series Royalty.

The characters of the cartoon are loosely based upon the company’s “Little Melanie” entertainment brand, which includes 250 children’s stories.

There’s no word on a release date or potential network for the Royalty series at this time.

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