Will The Queen’s Christmas Card feature Prince George this year?

It is quite possibly Her Majesty and Prince George will be on the official Christmas cards.

It is quite possible Her Majesty and Prince George will be on the official Christmas cards

The last time four generations of monarchs past and present were photographed was in 1894 at Edward VIII’s christening. George V, Edward VII and Queen Victoria along with the future Edward VIII were captured on film.

Prince George’s christening last month was the first time since that 1894 snapshot that four generations of monarchs, present and future were captured in a photograph.

The question many were asking after the photos were published: Where was a shot of the Queen holding Prince George?

The Telegraph’s Tim Walker who writes the column ‘Mandrake’ seems to have some insider information. Photographer Jason Bell “did indeed photograph the Queen holding Prince George, but the picture was withheld on the highest possible authority,” reports Walker.

The reasoning behind the photo not being published is “The Queen herself wishes to publish the picture — a touching study, so I am told — on her Christmas card this year. The two of them together may also, so I am told, appear on the card that the Cambridges send out,” Walker concluded.

“What will appear on the Queen’s Christmas card this year can only be a subject for speculation at the present time. They have not yet been posted,” according to a Buckingham Palace spokesperson.

Christmas cards are usually signed by Her Majesty during her summer holiday at Balmoral. This past holiday, cards were not signed.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have sent approximately 45,000 cards in the last 61 years that she has been sovereign.

photo credit: Steve Rhodes via photopin cc