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Animal Welfare Act endangers the Queens corgis

The number of Pembroke Corgis is slowly declining.

The number of Pembroke Corgis is slowly declining.

Her Majesty’s much beloved and favourite dog, the Pembroke Corgi is in danger of becoming an endangered species. A new ban on tail docking introduced by the Labour party is causing concern about the future of the particular breed.

The breed is on an “at watch” list, according to The Telegraph, since it has fallen under the 300 registrations deemed necessary for its healthy survival. Currently there are only 241 registrations recorded this year.

Falling below the number required will place in on a “vulnerable native breeds list.”

The drop in Pembroke Corgis has happened in part because of the Animal Welfare Act enacted in 2007. The Act “banned the docking (cutting or removal) of animals’ tails for cosmetic reasons, with the exception of ‘working’ dogs such as those in the police and armed forces,” according to the BBC.

The Pembroke Corgi began its modern incarnation when it was bred with the larger Cardigan in the 1920’s.
The ban on docking has changed the look of the corgi; therefore breeders are not continuing to raise the Pembroke Corgi.

“We have lost a lot of our big kennels, a lot have just given up,” said corgi breeder, Diana King. “A lot of the breeders are now just hobbyists even though we still have a terrific demand for puppies, but we can’t fulfil it,” King commented.

Since 1933, the corgi has famously been a part of the Royal Family. King George VI purchased the first corgi, Dookie, for the then Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret from Rozavel Kennels. Her Majesty was then given her much loved Corgi, Susan on her 18th birthday. Susan is the dog from which all the Queen’s corgis since have been bred.

Willow and Holly are the Queen’s two current corgis. Monty, which was the Queen Mother’s dog before she passed away in 2002, was the corgi who made his film debut with Her Majesty and Daniel Craig in the Olympic opening ceremony film. Monty passed away this summer at Balmoral.

Royal dogs are interred at the Royal pet cemetery which was opened in 1887 by Queen Victoria upon the passing of her beloved Collie, Noble.

photo credit: Mikepaws via photopin cc


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