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The Queen and Princess Anne were the hardest working royals in 2016, according to Royal Central readers

A poll conducted by Royal Central shows that almost a quarter of people believe The Queen was the hardest working royal in 2016, with another 20% saying her daughter was the hardest working.

From a total of 1,376 responses, 325 voted to say that the 90-year-old monarch is the hardest working.

The Princess Royal trailed behind with 258 people casting their vote declaring her the hardest worker.

Prince Charles received the third most amount of votes, followed by the Duke of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Edinburgh.

The results may be surprising to some, with members of The Royal Family such as Prince Edward receiving just three votes, despite conducting more engagements last year than any royal besides Princess Anne and Prince Charles.

Furthermore, The Duchess of Cambridge got 12% of votes – more than members of the family including Prince Philip, Prince Andrew and the Duchess of Cornwall – all of whom conducted much more engagements in 2016 than Catherine.

The results do not correlate with the total number of engagements each member of The Royal Family undertook in 2016. 

However, as has been pointed out previously, each engagement a royal conducts is different, and does not necessarily destemine how hard they work. For example, The Queen receives government red boxes and ministerial correspondents every day on top of her engagements.

Do you agree with the results of Royal Central’s poll? Should the Duchess of Cambridge be placed so high up on the table, whereas royals such as the Earl of Wessex are placed so low?