Queen’s Press Secretary to leave and work for Archbishop of Canterbury


It has been announced this week that The Queen’s press secretary, Miss Ailsa Anderson, is to resign from her job at Buckingham Palace to work for the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby from December. Miss Anderson will use her extensive public relations knowledge to become the Archbishop’s new “spin doctor”.

The Archbishop has exclaimed his joy in hiring Miss Anderson, stating that “I am absolutely delighted and honoured that she has chosen to use her great skills and experience in the service of the Church.”

Before coming to the Royal Household, Anderson was Chief Press Officer for the Cabinet Office and before that was a Senior Press Officer for the Armed Forces at the MoD.

Formerly, Miss Anderson was a newspaper journalist. She recently hit the headlines when she was given the task of presenting the easel announcing Prince George’s birth at Buckingham Palace to the world.

Royal press secretaries are responsible for orchestrating the relationship between the Royal Household and members of the press.

The full job title of the Press Secretary is, since 2002, has been Communications and Press Secretary to The Queen. Previously, these two offices were separate though were eventually merged into one role which now forms the head of the Royal Press Office.

Following precedent, James Roscoe (The Queen’s Deputy Press Secretary) should be appointed as the new press secretary to The Queen though no announcement has yet been made.

Photo credit: sarflondondunc via photopin