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Prince Nikolai starts his two-year military education

Prince Nikolai of Denmark started his two-year education in the Royal Danish Army’s Sergeant School on Thursday. The Prince was enrolled in the school following the strict admission test that is required to enter the military program. He was among 145 new students that passed this very physical test and can now start his military career

During his first day of military school, the Prince was introduced to what his new life in the barracks will be like. The Prince also received his first military uniform and military equipment. The Prince’s new uniform was delivered together with boots and other equipment before HRH was assigned to his new room, where up to 12 students must live together.

In connection with the Prince’s enrolment to the military school, the Danish royal court published this picture on Instagram:

The normal military training in Denmark lasts for one year. However, the two-year long education the Prince is in for is voluntary and is more demanding than the usual military education.

The Royal Danish Army’s Sergeant School. Photo: BKP via Wikimedia Commons.

The Prince has recently concluded a five-week long holiday with his family after he earlier this summer graduated from college.

Prince Nikolai has previously told the press that he has more and more options to choose from before he makes his mind up about further education. Therefore, the two-year military training gives the Prince extra time to find his future way of life. There are long traditions in the Danish monarchy that male members of the family undergo military education, as is the case in many other European monarchies.

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