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Meet Grace, the new royal dog of Denmark

The Royal Family of Denmark has welcomed a new addition to the Royal Household in the form of a border collie puppy.

Grace, Denmark’s new four-legged friend, arrived at Gråsten Castle on Saturday where Crown Princess Mary snapped a photo of her and uploaded it to Instagram.


The image was taken in green surroundings of Gråsten Castle, located in the southernmost part of Jutland close to the border of Germany.

The post has attracted almost 12,000 likes, with hundreds of people commenting and welcoming Grace to the family.

Grace is related to Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s old dog, Ziggy, who died earlier this year at the age of 12.

The Border Collie was owned by Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik after he was gifted to them as a wedding present.

The Danish Kennel Club wanted to give the Crown couple a puppy for their wedding in 2004. As a result, Frederik and Mary chose a three-month-old Border Collie named Jezabel.

Princess Mary renamed the young puppy Ziggy, who spent the rest of his life in the royal palace.

The 12-year-old had been a key member of the royal family and often featured in official photographs.

One of his most famous media appearances was when he was featured on the cover of Australian Women’s Weekly, alongside his owner, Princess Mary.

Speaking to Hello magazine a few years ago, Princess Mary described how Ziggy played a key role in family life.

She said: “In the morning we make porridge, and all sit around the dining table. Then we talk and eat, while our dog Ziggy runs in and out. It’s really cosy.”