‘Diana’ opens to disappointing weekend at US box office

After a disappointing reception in the UK, the Naomi Watts led Princess of Wales biopic ‘Diana‘ has failed to set the US box office alight.

The film, which focuses on the relationship Diana had with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, made just $64,914 in its first weekend in America.


Photo: Ecosse Films.

The box office takings mean that the controversial film lands at 34 in the US, opening much lower than the position of 6 which it held in the UK.

In September, before the film’s UK release, British critics were quick to criticise the Oliver Hirschbiegel movie, describing it as “terribly, terribly dull”.

Despite the Princess being played by Oscar-nominated Naomi, the reception in the states has been widely the same.

Naomi’s portrayal of the late royal was dismissed as “a giggling schoolgirl, a love-struck airhead with no apparent inner life” by The New York Daily News, while USA Today added the film was “a soppy snoozefest”.

The actress recently revealed she had been prepared for critics to voice their opinion and admitted she would consider going into hiding if the film was received badly.

Speaking in September Naomi explained she had turned the film down twice before finally accepting the role. The mum-of-two said she was concerned how the film would be received by Diana’s sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

“I do care deeply about how the princes feel, of course,” she told The Times. “I am a mum of two boys, but it was a story that was bound to told at some point, and it’s possibly fresher than people expected.”

Later this year, a second royal film ‘Grace of Monaco’ will be released, which stars Naomi Watts’ close friend Nicole Kidman.

Oscar-winning Nicole will play the iconic Grace Kelly, who became The Princess of Monaco.