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King of Morocco gives government more time for plans to tackle youth unemployment

It has been announced in Rabat, that King Mohammed VI has given his Head of Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani more time to come up with detailed proposals with regards to curbing youth unemployment in Morocco. The news came from a meeting of the Royal Cabinet and followed a working session at the beginning of the month when the King had entrusted him with a project to create new Vocational Training programmes, to create new training centre, streamline vocational counselling and reinforce youth entrepreneurship programmes.

The King is keen to stem the tide of youth unemployment in Morocco; disenfranchised youth can easily be swayed by those with evil intent. But the King is looking for more positive outcomes for young Moroccans, and this does not include training for training’s sake purely to look good on stats. The new programme will not only focus on the traditional skills of agriculture and handicrafts but also creating new training programmes in sectors where there is greater economic potential.

These new programmes will be around four months in length and try and serve to strengthen their skills with both languages and technical skills. It was however only three weeks into the programme, when the committee flagged up the fact that they would need longer in their bid to bring the King’s dream scheme into actuation.

It was not only in this arena that the King has commented on vocational training and its importance. At the beginning of the Autumn session of the Parliament, the King said about the importance of vocational training in getting employment. It can give that practical experience that could sway the balance in their favour because they can exhibit practical skills that the courses on the programme have given them.

The statement from the Royal Committee said: “Given the importance that the King gives to the promotion of the sector of vocational training and his concern about the quality of programmes and proposals that will be submitted to the Sovereign, the King approved this request.”