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Which members of The Royal Family were absent from The Queen’s Birthday Parade this year?

The Queen’s Birthday Parade took place on Saturday with thousands of people lining The Mall alongside the 92-year-old monarch and members of her close and extended family. But a few members of Her Majesty’s family didn’t make an appearance on the all-important Buckingham Palace balcony at 1pm.

The Duke of Edinburgh

The Queen’s husband the Duke of Edinburgh was absent from Trooping the Colour this year. Prince Philip, who turns 97-years-old on Sunday, retired from public duties last year so it is hardly surprising that he was absent.

When he retired last August, aides said that he would still attend the occasional event as and when he chooses. Clearly today the Duke chose not to attend.

That being said, he would have almost certainly been watching the day’s events from the comfort of his own home in front of the television.

A commentator on the BBC speculated that the Prince might not have attended this year because he did not want to add any further pressure to the Duke of York who took over his father’s duties as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards for the first time at Trooping following the Duke’s retirement.

Prince Louis of Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s youngest child, Prince Louis, didn’t appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace this year. The reason for this is a simple one – he is far too young.

Prince Louis is only a few of weeks old and will have to wait at least a couple of more years before he can look down at the crowds gathered on The Mall.

The Earl of Wessex

Prince Edward was the only child of The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to miss year’s Trooping the Colour.

The Earl usually travels to Horse Guards in a carriage alongside his wife, the Countess of Wessex, and his children, Lady Louise and Viscount Severn.

However, this year, Edward missed the event because he is working abroad in China.

The Earl is conducting a series of engagements in the country as the Chair of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation.

Viscount Severn

The Earl and Countess of Wessex’s youngest child, Viscount Severn, was also missing from the pomp and ceremony of the day.

In previous years he has travelled in the carriage procession alongside his sister and parents. However, this year he was nowhere to be seen.

He was also missing from the palace balcony appearance which suggests James wasn’t present with the rest of the family and could have been staying with his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

But it is also known that James is one of the shyer royal children and does not relish millions of people seeing him like some of the other royal children might.

The Tindall Family

Zara, Mike and Mia Tindall were missing from The Queen’s Birthday Parade, although this is hardly surprising considering Zara is due to give birth any day now.

It is understood that Zara is now nine months pregnant meaning it was probably a wise decision to stay away from the excitement of the balcony appearance.

It is likely that Zara, Mike and Mia were instead in the warmth and comfort of their Gloucestershire home.

The Duchess of Gloucester

In previous years, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester have travelled in the main carriage procession alongside other senior members of The Royal Family on their way to Horse Guards.

Instead, this year the Duke of Gloucester remained at Buckingham Palace and the Duchess didn’t appear to be present at all.

When members of the family gathered on the balcony, Prince Richard was stood to the far left with the Kent family, however, there was no sign of Birgitte.

Princess Alexandra

The Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra, was also missing from the Buckingham Palace balcony during the flypast.

In previous years she has always been keen to attend the event, but there was no sign of her this year.

It is possible that Alexandra and Birgitte were present, but were just sat inside the palace together during the flypast.