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Bercow rules that Queen’s consent is not required for bill blocking no-deal Brexit


The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has ruled that The Queen’s consent is not required for the bill being debated in the House of Commons on Wednesday which seeks to block a no-deal Brexit.

This partly scuppers the government’s hopes to block the bill from coming into law should it be passed.

The Queen’s consent and Royal Assent are different things and shouldn’t be confused.

Queen’s Consent is required before Parliament is able to debate a bill affecting royal prerogatives.

Lewis Goodall from Sky News explained: “The Queen’s Consent is more esoteric and is required when it’s deemed legislation affects the royal prerogative.

“Royal Assent is royal authorisation given at end of legislative process.”

The Queen’s Consent is occasionally denied, but Royal Assent can never be denied.