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Boris Johnson criticised for Remembrance Sunday etiquette as he lays wreath upside down

The Prime Minister has been widely criticised for his Remembrance Sunday etiquette as he appeared to make a number of mistakes during the wreath laying ceremony.

Taking to Twitter, commentators scolded Boris Johnson for a series of faux pas on the day.

The commemorations didn’t get off to a good start for the Prime Minister when he was caught on camera looking around during the two minutes of silence with his unbuttoned coat flying in the wind.

He then walked towards the Cenotaph too early and out of time, causing further criticism.

However, the biggest mistake was when he laid his wreath at the base of the memorial upside down.

Dozens of other people laid their wreaths at the Cenotaph on Sunday, all of them managing to lay their wreaths the right way round.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “The absolute state of Boris Johnson at the Cenotaph. Moving, glancing around during the 2 min silence, coat and jacket unbuttoned and flapping in the wind, and then lays his wreath upside down.”

Another user wrote: “Boris can’t lay a wreath at the Cenotaph properly. He laid it upside down. He’s going to have to stand there for a long time thinking very hard about what he’s just done and cannot nip up & tweak it.”

This was Boris Johnson’s first time laying a wreath at the Cenotaph as Prime Minister.

He has attended the commemorations on a number of other occasions though when he was Foreign Secretary.