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Buckingham Palace fountains covered in ‘blood’ red paint by Animal Rebellion protesters

By Carlos Delgado, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Animal rights activists have been arrested after dyeing the iconic Buckingham Palace fountains ‘blood’ red in protest against the use of crown land for hunting and animal agriculture.

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Animal Rebellion is protesting the revelations after a recent news story reported The Queen’s lawyers secretly lobbied Scottish ministers to change a draft law, exempting her private land from the initiative to cut carbon emissions.

In a statement by Met Police, a spokesperson said: “A number of activists have vandalised the Victoria Memorial water feature outside Buckingham Palace. We are on the scene, and arrests have been made. The suspects are being taken to custody.”

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In response, Harley McDonald-Eckersall, a spokesperson for the Animal Rebellion, said: “The crown estate is the biggest landowner in the UK, and they choose to use this land for animal agriculture and hunting, which not only decimates our environment but causes the deaths of millions of lives every year. It’s time for a new system based on justice and compassion, and the Royal Family should be leading the way.”

Animal Rebellion is a separate yet sister organisation connected to Extinction Rebellion – a group that undertakes the massive fortnight-long protest against the global climate crisis in London. This isn’t the first time the Royal Family has been targeted. Animal Rebellion and other animal rights groups have targeted the family in the past because of their support of hunting, racing, and fur trade.

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McDonald-Eckersall issued another comment: “Crown land should be used to grow healthy, nutritious food for all and to provide homes for the animals we share this country with. We are demanding that The Queen end the use of crown land for industries which are contributing to the climate and ecological emergency and the death of animals.”

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In July, seven activists were arrested after they barricaded a McDonald’s factory. Sitting at the site in Scunthorpe for more than 48 hours, protesters prevented products from leaving the factory. The protest was in a bid to get the popular fast-food chain to move to an entirely plant-based food menu by 2025.

The Palace has not commented on the actions of the protestors.

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