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The time The Queen entertained Brett Kavanaugh at Buckingham Palace

Over the decades, The Queen has hosted thousands of guests at Buckingham Palace, from international dignitaries to controversial world leaders. Back in 2003, one of Her Majesty’s guests at the palace was Brett Kavanaugh, who at the time was a little known secretary to President Bush.

Mr Kavanaugh formed part of President Bush’s entourage during his state visit to the United Kingdom in 2003. In the Court Circular he was listed as being an Assistant to the President and Staff Secretary.

During the visit, President Bush’s team took over the Regency Room in Buckingham Palace. The room became the President’s operations centre and it was where Mr Kavanaugh was based for the duration of the four-day trip.

President Bush’s arrival in 2003 was one of the largest state visits that Buckingham Palace had ever had to prepare for.

A 700-strong-entourage arrived at Heathrow Airport alongside the President on November 18 2003, Mr Kavanaugh included.

The following day, a state banquet was held at the palace – an event attended by all senior members of The Royal Family and White House staff. At the banquet, The Queen was introduced to Mr Kavanaugh.

Fast forward 15 years and Mr Kavanaugh was appointed as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States by President Trump.

His nomination to the Supreme Court was marred by controversy, with numerous allegations of sexual assault being made against Mr Kavanaugh.

After lengthy Senate hearings, Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th Justice of the Supreme Court on the evening of October 6, 2018.