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Sibling rivalry between George and Charlotte? The Duke of Cambridge reveals how he handles it

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Royal or not, siblings are going to have arguments and rivalries. It is part of growing up, and Prince George, 6, and Princess Charlotte, 4, are no different.

The Duke of Cambridge enjoys going out in the yard to play football with his two elder children, and he shared some insight into what the rivalry is like between George and Charlotte when talking to 14-year-old Olivia Hancock at a tea at Kensington Palace on Tuesday for winners of the Diana Award. Hancock was given the honour for her work in promoting gender equality in football.

According to Hello, William revealed that George and Charlotte have a rivalry on the pitch, especially when Charlotte is in the goal, and the Duke gets protective of his only daughter.

Hancock explained, “So when I was chatting with Prince William he said to me, when he plays football with George and Charlotte, when Charlotte’s in goal George says to her that ‘Charlotte I’m better than you’.”

“‘George, Charlotte could be as good as you,” the Duke of Cambridge reportedly told his son.

Hancock then stated, “It’s great to hear that Prince William is saying that to George.”

Earlier in the day, Prince William revealed during an investiture that both Prince George and Princess Charlotte are good swimmers. It appears both children have taken after their athletic parents! No doubt, it won’t be long before their younger brother, one-year-old, Prince Louis will be joining them in playing football and swimming.

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