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Queen Rania visits Royal Grant Scheme projects during trip to Al Shobak

Copyright 2021, Royal Hashemite Court

Queen Rania of Jordan visited the Royal Grant Scheme projects during her trip to Al Shobak on Wednesday.

The Queen met several representatives of local societies, local officials and owners of some income-generating projects.

Queen Rania spoke to beneficiaries of the Royal Grant Scheme in the visitor’s centre of Shobak Castle; there, she shared encouragement and her happiness that she was able to visit them after the global health situation made many trips impossible. She commended their determination and congratulated them on their success.

She also heard from Community Centers Association (CCA) President Dr Firyal Saleh, who gave the Queen information on how the grant scheme was helping the people.

Copyright 2021, Royal Hashemite Court

The Queen pinpointed one Jordanian woman who had succeeded in income-generating projects, Sabha Al Tawara, who Her Majesty met earlier in the day and owns a small tailoring shop. She received help from the grant scheme and was able to create new job opportunities. Her Majesty said: “Ms Sabha has gone on to create four new job opportunities, empowering more women in her area.”

Her Majesty also took the opportunity to encourage all those she met to get their COVID jab to help fight the pandemic. She said she and King Abdullah were lucky to receive their jabs early in the pandemic. She pressed the importance of the vaccines and to fight against misinformation on the vaccine that is being spread.

The Queen stressed: “For all of us – for our children, our parents, and our families – we must encourage each other to get the vaccine.”

Queen Rania also spent time at the Al Shobak Charitable Society for Women to get a tour of the facility and speak to beneficiaries. The society empowers local women to build their own capacities and provides them with economic opportunities to help them.

The Royal Grant Scheme is supported by the Royal Hashemite Court and provides support and empowers people to launch income-generating projects. The CCA worked in coordination with 11 societies to provide loans and business guidance to over 200 families and to support projects in the area.

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