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Prince William addresses world leaders at COP26


At the COP26 Climate Summit, the Duke of Cambridge joined Earthshot Prize Winners and finalists in addressing world leaders.

The Duke spoke during the Accelerating Clean technology Innovation and Deployment session in one of the plenary rooms at the summit. This particular event brings together countries and business leaders to discuss how they can collaborate and accelerate the innovation of clean technologies needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C. By keeping that goal, clean technologies can be affordable and accessible for all.

The Duke was joined on stage by 15-year-old India-based Vinisha Umashankar, the youngest Earthshot Prize Finalist. Vinisha developed a solar-powered ironing cart as a clean alternative to the charcoal-powered street irons that press millions of clothes for Indians each day. Concerned with the health and air quality impact of burning charcoal, the solar-powered invention means five hours of sunshine can power the iron for up to six hours. Given the extra mobility, vendors can sell their clothing on doorsteps as well as roadside and built-in phone top-up and charging points to create additional income.

The Winner and Finalists of the Fix our Climate Earthshot displayed their solutions on stage ahead of the session. This included Thailand, Italy, and Germany-based AEM Electrolyser from Enapter, who won the Prize to Fix Our Climate. In addition, AEM Electrolyser won £1 million for their green hydrogen technology that can transform homes and buildings.

Bangladesh-based Finalist SOLbazaar showcased its technology that creates the world’s first peer-to-peer energy exchange network during the event. In addition, Reeddi Capsules showcased its solar-powered energy capsule to transform clean energy across Nigeria.

In October, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the inaugural Earthshot Prize awards. The Prize aims to lend support to solutions to environmental issues by also highlighting the human ability to bring about change.

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