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Royal Central Recommends: True Plantagenet, The Life of Edmund Mortimer

True Plantagenet, The Life of Edmund Mortimer is a historical novel published on the life of  Edmund Mortimer, fifth Earl of March. Edmund was born in to a life of turmoil following the deposition of King Richard II and the accession of Henry Bolingbroke, whose claim to the throne was somewhat bogus. Edmund Mortimer’s claim to the throne was considered far more superior than Henry’s yet his claim is compromised by the threat he represented to the new regime. Every move that Edmund makes must be carefully calculated as from an early age, he realises just how precious his position really is.


Richard II had no children but had named Edmund Mortimer as his successor, making his claim to the throne far more superior than Henry Bolingbroke’s claim through Edward III’s younger son, John of Gaunt.

Throughout his reign, Henry IV faced plenty of rebellion from the Percies to the disgruntled Welsh many of whom declared Edmund the rightful King.

The author of True Plantagenet is Norman Penn, who is an ex part time teacher and businessman whose interests include cosmology, opera and horse racing. Penn has lived in both Spain and South Africa and now resides in West London with his most notable work to date being The New Adventures of Hennie the Hadeda, a cute South African sacred ibis, and Timeous Schemeous, a novel about time travel.

If you want a historical novel of turmoil, troubles and battle then True Plantagenet is a definite read for you.

True Plantagenet, The Life of Edmund Mortimer is published by Norman Penn in conjunction with WritersWorld and is produced entirely in the UK. It is available to order from most bookshops in the United Kingdom as well as globally available via UK based internet book retailers.

Photo Credit: WritersWorld