King Charles III Screenshots Revealed

Okay, okay, it’s not something we like to think about. However, whether we like it or not, one thing is certain: one day The Queen’s lifetime of service to her country (and her fifteen other Realms) must come to an end. With that sad day, the line of British monarchs continues and the Crown passes to her immediate successor, the current Prince Charles of Wales.

A lot has already been written about what the potential kingship of His Royal Highness is going to be like, with the only observable agreement between all the conflicting hypotheses being, however, successful or unsuccessful King Charles III will be as a monarch, he will most definitely be different to his mother. This is to be expected; every monarch had their own style of leadership. With the day of Prince Charles’s inevitable succession drawing nearer, even as we wish Her Majesty many more happy years, there has been ever more speculation on the topic. The latest addition to come to light is BBC2’s televised version of the highly-acclaimed play King Charles III, written by Mike Bartlett and first premiered 10 April 2014.

The play essentially follows the immediate aftermath of the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the subsequent ascension of King Charles III, after which he is dragged into scandal after he refuses Royal Assent to a controversial bill passed by Parliament, triggering a constitutional crisis and threatening the stability of the United Kingdom.

The BBC adaption has just recently released promotional shots of the political drama, in which the eponymous British monarch will be played by theatrical veteran Tim Pigott-Smith, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to be played by Oliver Chris and Charlotte Riley respectively. Richard Goulding is to portray Prince Harry, while Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will be played by Margot Leicester.

So far we have two confirmed shots from production. One shot, shown above, features Riley seated for breakfast wearing a rather disbelieving expression and definitely pulling off a suitable stand in for the Duchess herself. A second shot shows Pigott-Smith in the starring role, dressed smartly in a pinstriped suit and looking suitably severe. As of yet, we’re still waiting for a broadcast date to be confirmed, so keep an eye out for this production in the near future.